Enable Campaign

Enabling your Campaign

To enable your campaign please follow these steps:

  1. If you haven't done so already, Add a new payment method in Google Ads
  2. Click on "Campaigns" in Google Ads.
  3. Click on the filter icon to ensure that you are seeing "All but removed" campaigns.
  4. Find the campaigns that looks like "DC.ORetailSmartShopping01_All Items_XXXX_<CURRENCY>" for Smart Shopping Campaigns or "DC.ORetailBrand01_WebsiteName_XXXX_<CURRENCY>" and "DC.ORetailBrand01_WebsiteUrl_XXXX_<CURRENCY>" for Brand Search Campaigns. The XXXX will represent a number in our system and can be ignored. <CURRENCY> is the currency of your website. Therefore your campaign might be "DC.ORetailSmartShopping01_All Items_3382_AUD" or "DC.ORetailBrand01_WebsiteName_3376_AUD" and "DC.ORetailBrand01_WebsiteUrl_3365_AUD".
  5. Click on the pause icon to the right of the campaign name and select "Enable".
  6. Congratulations, your campaign is now live!

Changing Budgets

Whilst you are in Google Ads, it's probably worth confirming your budget (to the right of the campaign name). You can change it using the pencil icon that will appear when you mouse-over the budget value. This value will sync to FeedOps at least once a day and will be reflected in your weekly performance reports.

Changing Target ROAS

All Smart Shopping campaigns created by FeedOps are, by default, not set up with a Target ROAS. However, once you have some conversions in your campaign we would strongly recommend setting one to tell the machine learning bidding strategies what you need from the campaigns.

  1. Click on the campaign name, eg "DC.ORetailSmartShopping01_All Items_3382_AUD".
  2. Then, "Settings"
  3. Then, under "Bidding and Budget", click on "Bidding". 
  4. Finally, click on "Set a target return on ad spend (ROAS)" and enter your desired result in the Target ROAS field, and click on "Save".

Your changes will be synced into FeedOps at least every 24 hours and will form the basis of our performance recommendations to you.