2021-03-11 - New features

The focus of this release is to improve the process of optimising product titles to better match the way people search. As such, this release introduces two important new features:

  1. Extension of the existing functionality for optimizing product titles to allow not only product title prefixes but also product title suffixes.
  2. A Feed Optimizations workflow that guides you at every step of the way to optimize product titles to match the way that people search for the products you sell .

Edit Product Titles

FeedOps now allows product attributes to be used as both prefixes and suffixes in product titles:

You can access this functionality by clicking on Edit Product Titles (Previously called Prefix Product Titles) under the Product Feeds menu in the main navigation menu on the left hand side of the screen.

Feed Optimizations Workflow

This feature builds on the introduction of the Free Product Listings workflow feature in the previous release. This workflow appears on the right hand side of the screen and can be accessed at any time after completing Free Product Listings workflow. Current progress through the workflow is tracked, there are links to documentation at each step in the workflow, and all remaining steps are listed.