2021-03-25 - New features

The focus of this release is to enable users to create and manage a Facebook Catalog Feed, in addition to, or instead of, a Google Shopping Feed for an eCommerce store. As such, this release introduces three important new features:

  1. An available workflows screen which provides information about each workflow and allows the user to choose which workflow to start when adding a new website.
  2. A workflow that guides you at every step of the way to create and setup a Facebook Catalog Feed.
  3. Channel selection functionality to allow the user to switch between functionality applying to their feed for Google or Facebook. 

This release also includes the following changes and enhancements:

  1. Improved workflow taskbar and workflow detail design and functionality.
  2. Support for additional images links in product feeds.

Available workflows screen

When adding a website to FeedOps, users will now be first presented with a screen showing all available workflows (the available workflows screen). This screen provides the name and a summary of each workflow FeedOps provides, more information about each workflow (in the form of in app help docs) and a button to start the workflow.

Facebook Catalog Feed Workflow

Similar to the Google Shopping Feed workflow, FeedOps now has a workflow that guides you at every step of the way to create and setup a Facebook Catalog Feed.

Channel selection functionality

In order to support multiple advertising/sales channels for a given eCommerce store, FeedOps now includes functionality to switch between the advertising/sales channels for a website/store. To switch between channels click on the channel selector button:

This will open a channel selector modal, in which you can select from all exisiting channels for the website/store or add a new channel for the website/store:

Workflow taskbar and detail improvements

The design and functionality of the workflow taskbar and workflow detail view have seen several improvements.

The workflow taskbar now includes an expanded mode:

The expanded taskbar can be accessed by clicking on the expand workflow button at the top of the workflow taskbar:

The expanded taskbar can be collapsed by clicking on the collapse workflow button at the top of the workflow taskbar:

Splitting of the Free Product Listings workflow out into two distinct workflows: a Google Shopping Feeds workflow and a Free Product Listings workflow.

Inline progress within the workflow detail:

Cleaner and more clear presentation of each step in a workflow in the workflow detail:

The workflow detail view now includes the ability to request that FeedOps support perform the tasks in a workflow for you:

Additional image links

FeedOps product feeds now allow for 4 additional image links for each product. These additional image URL's will appear in the XML product feed as <g:additional_image_link> tags. Initially, where additional product image URL's exist in the store's product details, these will appear in product feeds for customers with Shopify eCommerce stores and can be added for custom eCommere store connections on request. Support for other integrated eCommerce store platforms will be added in the future.