2021-06-21 - New features

The focus of this release is to add support for configuring category level settings of any product feeds for a Website. In order to support this the Edit Product Types menu item has been renamed Categories and has been made more generic. This release then introduces some important new features:

  1. Enabling/disabling categories for advertising.
  2. Overriding the automatically assigned Google Product Category for any category.
  3. For eCommerce platforms that allow products to appear in multiple category, controlling the precedence of categories.

As a result of the changes to make category level configurations more generic, this release also changes the way that users rewrite category names when used to form Product Types.

In renaming the Edit Product Types menu item and screen to Categories, the screen is now presented in split-screen with a category hierarchy and category selector on the left, and selected category settings on the right. More details of the new Categories screen, including additional and changed functionality, can be found here.

Enabling/disabling categories for advertising

Whether or not a category from the eCommerce store is enable for advertising or not can be controlled by checking or unchecking the Enabled For Advertising checkbox for the category.

Overriding the Google Product Category

The automatically assigned Google Product Category can be overridden for a category by selecting a category from the Google Product Category dropdown.

Controlling category precedence

For eCommerce platforms that allow products to appear in more than one category, the precedence of which of these categories setttings apply is controlled by ordering of categories. Categories can be reordered by using the  up and down arrows alongside the category.

Rewriting Product Types category names

Rewriting category names for when they are used to form Product Types now appears as a field in the category settings on the right hand side of the Categories screen once a category has been selected on the left. The functionality of any changes to the Product Types remains unchanged.