About SEO Product Titles

Show up in more Google Shopping organic results and improve the relevance of your Shopping Ads to reduce cost per click (CPC).

Product titles are a key component in matching search results presented to users in Google Shopping to the search terms they used in their search. Product titles on eCommerce store pages appear within the context of the web page, where additional information such as product images and categorization can be seen by the user. When used in Google Shopping these titles can be too generic and would better match user searches if additional information from the website is added to the title so they include words people use when searching for the products you sell. For example, a product title of compression tights may be a good choice for an eCommerce store page. However a product title of men's 2XU compression tights (which adds brand and gender attributes from the eCommerce store) would be a much better title in Google Shopping.

FeedOps has a number of features that enable you to SEO your product titles in order to add the necessary additional context from your eCommerce store to your product titles for Google Shopping.

On completion of this workflow:
  • Product titles will be more likely to match shoppers searches
  • Ad relevance will likely be improved, resulting in reduced cost per click (CPC)

You can and should revisit and repeat these steps at any time to keep things up to date. This is especially important as products and categories are added to your eCommerce store.