Brand Search Campaign Creation in FeedOps

FeedOps can generate and publish a Google Brand Search campaign for your website. The initial publication of your Brand Search campaign may take a few hours.

FeedOps will an initial budget of $1 per day in Google Ads but won't spend until you enable your campaigns which will include setting up your payment details in Google Ads. You can set a different budget in Google Ads at any time.

FeedOps will also set your bidding strategy to "Maximise Conversion Value" without a Target ROAS. You can set a Target ROAS in Google Ads at any time.

To create your campaign in FeedOps you need to choose the keyword match type(s) for your campaign. Exact Match is the safest setting. This means that your Ad will only show when someone searches for exactly for your brand. Example - [FeedOps]. Phrase Match will trigger an ad when your brand name is used in a search phrase. Example - ”FeedOps” Contact Details. If you are not sure that to do, select Exact Match, you can always add phrase match later.

To create your campaign in FeedOps, do the following:

  1. Choose whether to use Exact Match Only or Exact and Phrase Match for this Brand Search campaign.
  2. Click Generate and Publish Ads.