Campaign Creation in FeedOps

FeedOps can generate and publish a Google Smart Shopping campaign for all of your products. The initial publication of your Smart Shopping campaign may take a few hours.

The initial budget you set in FeedOps will be sent to Google Ads but won't spend until you enable your campaigns which will include setting up your payment details in Google Ads. The monthly budget you set in FeedOps will be converted to an average daily budget by dividing it by 30.4. 

You can learn more about how Google manages your average budget in the following " Charges and your average daily budget". 

FeedOps will also set your bidding strategy to "Maximise Conversion Value" without a Target ROAS. You can set a Target ROAS in Google Ads at any time. FeedOps will synchronize your setting into our performance report within 24 hours.

To create your campaign in FeedOps, do the following:

  1. Enter an initial monthly Budget for these Smart Shopping Ads.
  2. Click Generate and Publish Ads.