Core software features

Software features available on all plans

  • The Playbook: Improve your product data with our FeedOps Playbook. It uses AI to suggest quality enhancements.
  • Data Mapping: Automatically sorts your product data. Adjust this to meet any channel's needs using your website fields.
  • Advanced Editing Tools: Access and edit detailed product data quickly, either individually or in bulk.
  • Advanced Feed Rules: Create rules to enhance your product data. Modify product types, add details, and adjust title keywords.
  • Import & Export Functions: Easily add data from any source to your feeds. Use exports for bulk edits or other tasks.
  • Link Feed Optimizations: Link feeds between platforms like Bing and Google Shopping to streamline your work. Easily link or unlink.

Channels available on all plans 

  • Google Shopping/PMax: Connect your products to Merchant Center via FeedOps. Link your Google Ads account for seamless integration, making your products discoverable in Google Ads.
  • Microsoft Shopping/PMax: Integration with Microsoft Merchant Center and ads ensures your products are discoverable on Microsoft platforms.
  • Meta: Produce a feed catalog compatible with Facebook and Instagram ads and shops. The feed is also usable on other ad platforms with similar criteria.
  • Shopping Feeds: Google and Microsoft connections are directly pushed from FeedOps. Access feed URLs in the products section after linking each merchant center.

For Optimize and Scale Plans

We offer customized services and channel options, including support for marketplaces. See available plans and support.