Create your FeedOps account

Creating your FeedOps account, trials, pilots and billing settings

Creating an account via an App Store (Solo Plan)

Installing the FeedOps app from an app store automatically creates your account and syncs your product data from your store to FeedOps.

Our apps offer a free trial period. Installing via Shopify uses Shopify's payment system post-trial, while Big Commerce requires credit card details for post-trial payments.

The Solo Plan is exclusively available through app stores. See more details on core features.  See available plans and support.

Creating an account directly via FeedOps

For all other plans and e-commerce platforms that we support, please contact us. We would be delighted to offer a trial or pilot for our advanced feed management services. We will assist you in creating an account and connecting your store.

Deleting Your Account

  • If you created an account via an app store, removing the app from your admin panel will delete your account and cease the billing process.
  • If you created your account directly via FeedOps, contact us and request that your account be deleted.

Marketing Contact

Deleting your account does not remove you as a marketing contact. If you wish to be removed, simply unsubscribe from the next email or contact us and ask to be removed.