Connecting your store to FeedOps

Instructions on how to connect via app, api or custom integration

Integrating your store with FeedOps is straightforward, offering multiple paths depending on your platform:

Quick Install from App Stores

For Shopify and Big Commerce users, simply install the FeedOps app:

API Connection for Supported Platforms

FeedOps seamlessly connects via API with these e-commerce platforms. Follow platform-specific instructions to grant FeedOps access to your product data.

    Custom Integration

    Stores on platforms not listed or with custom builds can opt for a tailored integration. Contact us for personalized setup assistance.

    Getting Started

    Regardless of the method:

    For assistance or to explore custom integration possibilities, contact us. Our team is ready to ensure your store is connected and your products are listed across your desired channels.

    Custom builds

    If the store is built with another eCommerce platform or is a custom build, it is still possible to integrate FeedOps. In either of these situations, the best thing to do is contact us so that we can advise the best course of action.