Edit attributes values for all channels

Edit attribute values that are imported from your website for all channels

Caution: Modifications made here will impact product feeds across all channels. To tailor settings for a particular channel, visit the products section in FeedOps or apply data rules.

Note: Attribute values in FeedOps, imported directly from your website, play a crucial role in searchability across channels. While some attributes, like abbreviated color codes or sizes (e.g., "Bl" for "Blue", "Sm" for "Small"), might be clear on your website, they can hinder search effectiveness in channel feeds. For optimal search performance, consider using full, descriptive names for attributes. Editing attributes in FeedOps affects all channels, but for channel-specific adjustments, navigate to the products screen or use data rules. This ensures your products are easily discoverable and accurately represented across all platforms.

 Navigate to Website Settings > Attributes.

Then, search for or select the attribute you wish to edit, toggle "rewrite", and change the value to your desired value.