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Edit Categories

The Categories screen allows:

  1. the website category and any products within the category to be enabled or disabled for advertising;
  2. the website category name to be rewritten when used in product_type attributes in any product feeds;
  3. the google_product_category;attribute used in any product feeds to be specified; and
  4. for eCommerce platforms that allow products to appear in more that one category, categories to be reordered to control which category takes precedence for products which appear in more than one category.

Categories are shown using the hierarchy from the eCommerce store and the website category name. Searching for categories is available and results include not only the website category name but also any rewrite. Categories can also be filtered based on whether the category is enabled ( Show: Enabled) or disabled (Show: Disabled) for advertising, or whether they are enabled or not (Show: All). Selecting a category will show the settings for that category.

Any changes can be saved, by clicking the Apply Changes button, or discarded, by either clicking the Discard Changes button or navigating away from the Categories screen and clicking Ok.

Enable for Advertising

Whether or not a website category and any products within that category are included in any advertising is controlled by the Disabled/Enabled toggle for the website category. If a website category in the hierarchy is enabled, all of its descendent categories will be enabled unless they have explicitly been disabled. Similarly, if a website category in the hierarchy is disabled, all if its descendent categories will be disabled unless they are explicitly enabled.

Product Type Rewrite

In order to optimize for better search engine ranking, website category names can be rewritten when used to form product type values in order to better match the way that people search. When a product type rewrite is provided, the value of the rewrite will then be used instead of the website category name in forming the that appear in any product feeds. A rewrite can be made by setting the Product Type toggle to Rewrite, which will display a Product Type Rewrite input field where the rewrite for the website category name can be provided. When the Product Type toggle for a category is set to Unchanged, the product type attribute will be the hierarchical category names for each product as they appear on the website.

Google Product Category

If the product category automatically assigned by Google to the products in a website category needs to be overridden then the value of the Google Product Category toggle can be switched from Automatic to Overridden. A dropdown will then be displayed which allows and  in any product feeds can be specified by choosing from the Google Product Category dropdown.

Category Ordering

When producing a product feed, only the settings applied to each product must come from a single unique category. For eCommerce platforms that allow products to appear in more than one category, the ordering of categories controls which category takes precedence as the unique category for each product in any product feeds. Categories can be reordered by using the up and down arrows alongside the category to move the category up or down.