Google Ads Connection

Connect a Google Ads account in FeedOps

  1. From the FeedOps menu, select Channel > Connect. Make sure the channel selected at the top of the screen is Google.
  2. Under Google Ads, click Connect
  3. Select between Connect an existing Google Ads account or Create a new Google Ads account.
  4. If you select Create a new Google Ads account follow the instructions in FeedOps and then click Continue.
  5. Click Authorize Google Ads Access.
  6. Choose the Google account that has access to the existing Ads account.
  7. Click Allow to give FeedOps the access it requires to your Ads account.
  8. Select an Ads account.
  9. Click Connect Ads Account And Link To Merchant Center.

During the above process you will receive an email from Google titled "A manager account is requesting access to your Google Ads account". This will state that " wants to link your Google Ads account to their manager account FeedOps Users (126-846-7754)." 

This linking is required for us to publish and manage your ads.

You do not need to accept this request. It will be automatically accepted and you will receive a subsequent email informing you of the link.