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Google Free Product Listings Traffic

In order to be eligible for Free Product Listings in Google and measure traffic coming from FeedOps enabled listings, it is recommended to complete the steps in this article.

Complete Free Listing Setup in Google Merchant Centre

Once your feed is successfully uploaded in Google Merchant Center, Google provides a checklist in the interface to complete the set up of Free Product Listings. This includes configuration of items such as:

  • Verifying and claiming your website
  • Setting up tax
  • Setting up shipping

For any issues with this step, please contact us for help.

Enable Automatic Improvements in Google Merchant Center

More information on Automatic Improvements in Google Merchant Center.

In order to access this in Google Merchant Center, click the "Tools and Settings" gear icon. Under "Settings", click Automatic Improvements.

Enable Item updates

Please be aware that structured data configuration on the website can affect this setting.

  1. Toggle Enable Automatic item updates
  2. Set Attributes to be updated to price and availability
  3. Check Also update items that are 'in stock' on my website but 'out of stock' on Shopping

Enable automatic image improvements

  • Toggle Enable Automatic image improvements