Google Merchant Center Connection

FeedOps can upload a product feed to an existing Google Merchant Center that you have access to. Alternatively, FeedOps can create a new Google Merchant Center and upload your product feed to it.

To get started:

  1. From the FeedOps menu, select Website Settings > Product feeds.
  2. Next to Google Merchant Center, click on the Connect button.
  3. Click Authorize Merchant Center Access.
  4. Choose the Google account that has access to the existing Merchant Center.
  5. Click Allow to give FeedOps the access it requires to your Merchant Center.
  6. Select a Merchant Center.
  7. Select an Initial country of sale.
  8. If the selected Merchant Center already has a primary feed, choose whether to Add the feed as a primary feed and replace existing primary feeds or to Add as an additional primary feed.
  9. Click Connect Merchant Center And Upload Feed.