How to add a filter to the product view

Refining your product view with filters for viewing channel feeds, editing, optimizing, and publishing

Add a filter in your product screen workspace to narrow down to specific products for focused attention. After filtering, select an item, multiple items, or all in the view to reveal the editing toolbar.

Navigate to the products screen and click "Add a Filter" at the top of the product table. Then either search for or browse the filter you wish to add.

Here is a list of available attributes you can filter by:

    Item Description  Filters 
    Item ID A unique identifier for each product.

    Conditional 1

    Title The name of the product.

    Conditional 2

    Description  A detailed description of the product.

    Conditional 2

    Link  The URL of the product page on your website.

    Conditional 2

    Mobile Link  URL to the product's mobile-optimized page.

    Conditional 2

    Image Link  URL of the product's main image.

     Conditional 2

    Additional Image Link 1 to 4   URLs for up to 4 additional product images.

     Conditional 2

    Availability Product's stock status (e.g., in stock, out of stock). 

    Stock status filters

    Availability Date Date when the product becomes available.

    Date picker

    Quantity Number of items in stock. Conditional 2
    Price Regular price of the product. Comparative
    RRP (Recommended Retail Price) Suggested retail price of the product. Comparative
    Promotion ID Identifier for applicable promotions. Conditional 2
    Sale Price Discounted price of the product. Comparative
    Sale Price Effective Start Date Start date for the sale price. Date picker
    Sale Price Effective End Date End date for the sale price. Date picker
    Marketplace Price Product price on a marketplace. Comparative
    Marketplace Availability Stock status of the product on a marketplace. Stock status filters
    Marketplace Quantity Number of items available on a marketplace. Comparative
    Product Type (1st Level) Primary category or class of the product. Conditional 2
    Product Type (2nd Level) Sub-category of the product under the 1st level. Conditional 2
    Product Type (3rd Level) Further refinement under the 2nd level, specifying product type. Conditional 2
    Product Type (4th Level) Additional detail beyond the 3rd level, narrowing down the product type. Conditional 2
    Product Type (5th Level) Finest classification of the product, under the 4th level. Conditional 2
    Google Product Category Google's own classification system specifying the product's category. Google Taxonomy 
    Brand The manufacturer or company that created the product. Conditional 2
    GTIN Global Trade Item Number, a unique identifier for products. Conditional 2
    MPN Manufacturer Part Number, identifies the product from the manufacturer. Conditional 2
    UPC Universal Product Code, a barcode symbol for product tracking in store Conditional 2
    Adult Indicates if the product is intended for adult audiences. Conditional 3
    Age Group The target age range for the product (e.g., adults, kids). Age
    Bundle Specifies if the product is sold as a bundle with other items. Conditional 3
    Color The color of the product. Conditional 2
    Condition The condition of the product (e.g., new, used, refurbished). Condition
    Gender The target gender for the product (e.g., male, female, unisex). Gender
    Item Group ID A shared identifier for products that are variants within a group. Conditional 1
    Material The primary material(s) the product is made from. Conditional 2
    Multipack Indicates if the product includes multiple units of the same item. Conditional 2
    Pattern The pattern or design on the product. Conditional 2
    Size The size of the product, relevant for items where size is a differentiator. Conditional 2
    Custom Label 0 A customizable label for segmenting products based on specific criteria. Conditional 2
    Custom Label 1 Another customizable label for detailed product categorization. Conditional 2
    Custom Label 2 Used for further custom segmentation of products for marketing strategies. Conditional 2
    Custom Label 3 Allows for additional product grouping based on unique retailer needs. Conditional 2
    Custom Label 4 Provides extra flexibility for custom categorization of inventory. Conditional 2
    Shipping Price Cost of shipping the product. Comparative
    Shipping Weight Weight of the product, important for shipping cost. Comparative
    Shipping Length Length of the product's package. Comparative
    Shipping Width Width of the product's package. Comparative
    Shipping Height Height of the product's package. Comparative
    Shipping Country Country to which the product can be shipped. Conditional 2
    Shipping Region Specific region within the country for shipping Conditional 2
    Item Status The current status of the item (e.g., active, archived). "enable," or "disable"
    Item Added Date The date the item was added to the inventory or listing. Date picker
    Item Updated Date The date the item's information was last updated. Date picker
    Focus Keyword The primary keyword targeted for the item's SEO efforts.  Conditional 2


    Conditional filters 1 

    •  "contains,"
    • "does not contain,"
    • "is equal to," and
    • "has suggestions" 

    Conditional filters 2 

    •  "contains,"
    • "does not contain,"
    • "is equal to,"
    • "is empty,"
    • "not empty,"and
    • "has suggestions" 

     Stock status filters

    • "In stock,"
    • "Out of stock,"
    • "Pre-order," and
    • "Back order"  

     Comparative filters 

    •  is equal to,"
    • "not equal to,"
    • "less than,"
    • "less than or equal to,"
    • "is greater than,"
    • "greater than or equal to,"
    • "is empty," "not empty," and
    • "has suggestions" 

    Conditional filters 3

    •  is equal to," and
    • "has suggestions" 

     Age Group Filters 

    • "newborn,"
    • "infant,"
    • "toddler,"
    • "kids," and
    • "adult"


    •  "new,"
    • "refurbished," and
    • "used"


    • "male,"
    • "female," and
    • "unisex"