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Install FeedOps for BigCommerce

FeedOps for BigCommerce connects and synchronizes your BigCommerce product data to Google Merchant Center with an optimized product feed.

Free Product ListingsGoogle Shopping AdsDynamic Remarketing In this article, you'll learn how to install Google Shopping by FeedOps for BigCommerce and create or connect Google Merchant Centre.

How it works

Get started in two easy steps:

  1. Install the app to connect your product data.
  2. Create or connect Google Merchant Center to sync your product data.

Once your product data is synchronized to Google Merchant Center, use FeedOps to further optimize products for more traffic.

Install the app

To connect your store to FeedOps, follow these steps.

  1. Log in to your BigCommerce store.
  2. Click Apps.
  3. Click Marketplace.
  4. Search or browse to locate Google Shopping by FeedOps, and click the FeedOps logo.
  5. Agree to the BigCommerce terms and click Confirm.
  6. Update the Website URL pre-populated from your BigCommerce Settings, if needed, and Click Confirm Your Website URL.

Create or connect Google Merchant Center

FeedOps can upload your BigCommerce product feed to any existing Google Merchant Center you have access to. Alternatively, FeedOps can create a Google Merchant Center for you and upload your BigCommerce product feed to it.

To use an existing Google Merchant Center, follow these steps.

  1. Choose Connect an existing Merchant Center and upload feed.
  2. Click Authorize Merchant Centre Access.
  3. Choose the Google account that has access to the existing Merchant Center.
  4. Click Allow to give FeedOps the access it requires to your Merchant Center.
  5. Select a Merchant Center.
  6. Select an Initial country of sale.
  7. If the selected Merchant Center already has a primary feed, choose whether to Add the feed as a primary feed and replace existing primary feeds or to Add as an additional primary feed.
  8. Click Connect Merchant Center And Upload Feed.

To create a Google Merchant Center, follow these steps.

  1. Choose Create a new Merchant Center and upload feed.
  2. Select an Initial country of sale.
  3. Click Create Merchant Center And Upload Feed.

Next steps

After you connect to BigCommerce and Google Merchant Center, you can do a lot with Google Shopping Feed that you have created, like create Google Shopping Ads, setup Dynamic Remarketing, and get access to Google's Free Product.

Get the job done with FeedOps workflows: Automations and step by step guides to help you complete your advertising and sales objectives.

Get more products approved:

  • Edit any field in a product or add missing product data attributes, for example "gender".

Get seen by more shoppers:

  • Make use of advanced feed optimization functionality to optimize product data to get more traffic.
  • Use bulk product title optimization to prefix website titles with brands, categories, size or any other attribute available in your feed in any order.
  • Use bulk category and attribute optimization to rewrite categories or attributes to match search terms - e.g. change "Running" to "Running Shoes".