Integrate your BigCommerce Website (BigCommerce App Integration)

In order to create live Google Shopping and Search campaigns with Dynamic Creative, you need to create a link between your website data and Dynamic Creative. This allows Dynamic Creative to update the availability and price of your ads automatically. At the end of this process, you will have:

  • Install the Dynamic Creative Google Ad Builder application to your BigCommerce site
  • Set up Ad Builder to extract product data from your website
  • Created a Product Feed for use with Dynamic Creative Ad Builder

Installing Dynamic Creative Google Ad Builder on your BigCommerce Site

Follow this guide for: installing a single-click app onto your BigCommerce site.

Generating the Feed

The app will guide you through the process of selecting which categories of products you wish to advertise and the attribute mappings you wish to include in your Ad Build before finally processing your products into a feed which Ad Builder will use to generate your Ads and Merchant Center feed. 

Once your products have been processed click the "Use Feed" button to start your Dynamic Creative Ad Build. When you reach step 3. Inventory of your Ad Build your product data will automatically linked to your Ad Build inventory.