Introducing FeedOps

Ensuring alignment: how FeedOps tailors to your unique needs with a commitment to satisfaction

Our Promise to You

Navigating the marketing landscape is no small feat, and selecting the right technology is crucial. It can be the key to your success or an unexpected hurdle. We recognize the challenges, including the costs and complexities, involved in choosing a feed provider. That's why we stand by our commitment to your satisfaction with a simple and direct offer: a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

What We do

FeedOps, a dynamic product feed management platform, optimizes e-commerce product feeds. The platform supports shopping and marketplace feeds, order synchronization, reviews, affiliate programs, and automated search ads

Why we exist 

Our purpose at FeedOps is to streamline the process for advertising and channel managers, making it easier to sell products efficiently and effectively. We focus on providing software tools and support to help our clients achieve their product sales and marketing goals with ease

Who we serve 

We serve retailers of all sizes. For medium to large businesses, we provide managed shopping feed solutions aligned with advertising goals. Ideal for mid to large retailers, our marketplace feed solutions offer fast channel updates and order-to-cart synchronization. We customize our feed management services to meet specific requirements, offering a range from assisted to fully managed support.

FeedOps in App Stores

For smaller budgets or those targeting Google and Microsoft's free listings, our Solo Plan is exclusively available in the Shopify and BigCommerce app stores.