Misrepresentation of self or product (Untrustworthy promotions)

If you get this error in Merchant Center, you may be in for some work in finding the issue and fixing it. Basically, Google is concerned that you are not a real business or that you may be trying to scam customers.

You need to check that you conform to all of the policies. The key area is make sure that you are in no way trying to mislead users (eg, advertising promotions that don't exist on your site, claiming you are an "official" reseller, when you aren't).

One other thing to do is to check your businesses "digital footprint". Do you have bad reviews? Have you responded to them? Have you created a Google My Business page? Even a Facebook page may help Google to see that you are a real business. 

Only once you have thoroughly reviewed all of your business practices should you ask for a review from Google.