OpenCart 3 API Installation Guide

This article will guide you through the process of installing and configuring your OpenCart 3 store to allow Dynamic Creative Ad Builder to export your website data via REST API.

Enable FTP

To install the OpenCart API Extension you will need to ensure you have FTP enabled on your OpenCart site. To do this, from your OpenCart admin panel, go to  System > Settings > Edit current store, go to the FTP section and ensure Enable FTP is set to "Yes".

If you don't see the FTP tab for your OpenCart 3 shop contact your web developer and ask for FTP details to be created. These are required to install the third-party OpenCart 3 API Extension below.

Install the Third-party API Extension

The API Extension comes with a install.txt file and it has more information and trouble shooting.

If you get "FTP needs to be enabled in the settings" message, go to your OpenCart 3 settings page, under the FTP tab enable FTP (Refer to Enable FTP above).

Installation Video