OpenCart API Installation Guide

This article will guide you through the process of installing and configuring your OpenCart store to allow Dynamic Creative Ad Builder to export your website data via REST API.

Enable FTP

To install the OpenCart API Extension you will need to ensure you have FTP enabled on your OpenCart site. To do this, from your OpenCart admin panel, go to System > Settings > Edit current store, go to the FTP section and ensure Enable FTP is set to "Yes"

Install the API Extension

Extensions > Extension Installer System > Users > User GroupsAccess PermissionModify Permission,Extensions > Extension Installer > ExtensionsNote:System > Settings > Edit current store > FTP

Generate Your API Username & API Key

  • Add an API Username (i.e. "Dynamic Creative") 
  • Generate an API Key by clicking the blue Generate button
  • Set Status to Enabled
You also need to add the following IP addresses on the IP Addresses tab:
  • Your public IP Address