Optimizing Your Product Attributes

In order to grow your traffic from Google, you need to optimize the product attributes in your feed.

What are Product Attributes?

Product Attributes are the discrete data elements that describe your product such as brand, color, size, etc. 

FeedOps will retreive as many attributes as possible. The number available is dependant on the platform your website is built on, and the data you've entered into it.

Rewriting Product Attributes

It is important to consider rewriting product attributes that you include in your product titles to ensure that you match the way that people search. 

For example, your website may use descriptive names for colors such as "pumpkin" to represent "orange". This is fine on the website as the user can see the color, however someone would search for "orange" in Google. Rewriting the product attributes in FeedOps means that you can keep the name on your website, but optimize it in your title to match the way that people are searching.