Optimizing Your Product Types

In order to grow your traffic from Google, you need to optimize the Product Types in your feed.

What are Product Types?

A product type is a field in the Google Merchant Center feed that tells Google how you categorise the products on your website. 

By default, FeedOps uses the categories on your website as the basis of the product types, but allows you to rewrite those values to better match the way that people search. 

Rewriting Product Types

FeedOps retrieves the categories from your website and allows you to rewrite them before sending them to Google as product types. Rewriting the product types in FeedOps allows you to leave the category names as you like on your website, but change them to match the way that people search.

For example, if you sell shoes, and you have a category on your website called "Running", the context of the website is obvious that they are running shoes. However, Google doesn't have that context, so rewriting that product type to "Running Shoes" makes it clear.