Product Type Depth Optimisations

Product Type Depth in Google Shopping is more than just classification; it's a strategic way to optimise your product data feed, improving relevance, and gaining a competitive advantage in the search results.

Done correctly, optimising product depth types are a lever that can unlock the full potential of your Google Shopping campaigns. Some of the main benefits include: 

  • Greater Visibility: Target a broader range of searches and keyword matching by including high-volume keywords as well as alternative keyword search terms.
  • Improved Relevance: Greater product type depth allows for more precise categorization of your products. More detailed classification helps Google better understand your products for matching to relevant buyer searches.
  • Better Targeting: A well-defined product type hierarchy ensures that your ads are shown to users who are more likely to convert, for example matching to ‘long-tail’ searches that use multiple keywords and product attributes.

Example of a product type depth that is not optimal:

  • Women’s Fashion > Dresses > Summer Dresses

Example of a well optimised product type depth:

  • Women’s Fashion > Dresses > Summer Dresses > Mid Summer Dress > Floral Summer Midi Dress

FeedOps allows 5 levels of product depth type, allowing you to insert more descriptive, informative keywords and search terms about your product. This information is critical for Google machine learning algorithms to better match your products to buyers.

To add keywords to your product depth type:

  1. Navigate to the Products tab in FeedOps
  2. Select Columns and add the Product Types you would like to change (Product Type 1, Product Type 2, Product Type 3, Product Type 4 & Product Type5)
  3. Select Filter if you would like to focus on specific products
  4. To edit Product Types, tick the check box on multiple or individual products then select Edit
  5. Enter the new values and hit Save