Purpose of this help center

This Help Center guides users on using FeedOps to boost online product sales by connecting their store, enabling channels via data feeds, and optimizing product data for better visibility and sales.

Maximizing the FeedOps Advantage

The essence of this knowledge base is to guide users on harnessing the FeedOps platform for optimal sales enhancement through strategic e-commerce integration and product data optimization. FeedOps acts as a bridge between your e-commerce platform and various advertising channels, streamlining product visibility and sales efforts.

Key Stages in the FeedOps Journey

  • E-commerce Integration: This crucial step connects your store with FeedOps, importing your product data into our system for further action.
  • Channel Enabling: Through product data feeds, FeedOps facilitates the synchronization of your store's data with advertising channels such as Google or Microsoft Ads, effectively enabling channels for broader product outreach.
  • Product Data Optimization: Post-channel activation, FeedOps offers tools and strategies for product data optimization, enhancing your products' appeal and performance on each channel to boost visibility, click-through rates, and, ultimately, sales.


    In summary, this knowledge base walks you through the FeedOps platform, focusing on e-commerce integration, channel enabling, and product data optimization. By following these guidelines, you'll improve your product's online presence and sales, leveraging the full potential of FeedOps for sales enhancement