Understanding the cost & goal screen

Connect your ads account and monitor advertising spend and returns

Note: The cost and goal tool is currently only available for Google and Microsoft Ads. 

To access the cost and goal information, navigate to the cost and goal screen.

This screen tracks both the expenses (money spent) and the objectives (Return On Ad Spend - ROAS target achieved) for your chosen channel.

To activate this feature navigate to Website settings > Product Feeds > Select channel (Google or Microsoft) > Connect ads account.

Using the cost and goal tool 

You can select the desired date range from the top right-hand side. The screen then presents the overall spend and a detailed breakdown by campaign type, accompanied by core metrics including:

  • Total Conversion Value: The total revenue generated from conversions.
  • Total Conversions: The total number of conversions.
  • Total Impressions: The total number of times ads were viewed.
  • Total Clicks: The total number of clicks on your ads.
  • Cost: The total amount spent on the campaigns.
  • ROAS: Return On Ad Spend, indicating the effectiveness of the ad spend.

This overview allows for a comprehensive analysis of campaign performance, enabling targeted adjustments to enhance efficiency and achieve marketing goals.