Understanding the FeedOps Playbook

The FeedOps Playbook is a critical tool in enhancing your product data for various channels. It's automatically enabled when you add a channel to FeedOps.

Purpose of the FeedOps Playbook

The FeedOps Playbook aims to kickstart your optimization journey and ensure basic, or 'hygienic', optimizations are in place. This foundational work sets the stage for more advanced optimization strategies.

Optimization Score

The playbook calculates an optimization score for your product data, reflecting its compatibility with the selected channel. This score is updated with each login and varies based on previous optimizations and newly added, unoptimized products in your store.

Suggested Optimizations

Below the optimization score, the playbook presents cards with optimization suggestions, along with potential score improvements.

You can choose to review or dismiss each suggestion. Dismissing should be considered for low-priority products or those where optimization is too difficult or costly.

Clicking 'review' directs you to the products screen, pre-selecting rows and columns relevant to the suggested optimizations. When an AI-powered suggestion is made, you have the option to apply the suggestion with a single click, streamlining the optimization process.


The FeedOps Playbook is an essential guide for efficiently optimizing your product data across different channels. By following its recommendations, you can systematically improve your product data's performance, increasing visibility and engagement in the digital marketplace.