View and delete the website subscription.

How to view and delete your subscription

To view your subscription, navigate to Website Settings > Subscription


You have the option to opt in or out of Google Shopping Ads Performance notifications. This feature is only active if you have connected Google Ads. To change the work email these notifications are sent to, navigate to your profile at the top right side of your screen.

Plan Details

Here, you will see the details of your plan, including the next renewal date. To make changes, please email us using the contact information listed in the app.

Deleting Your Subscription

Warning: All optimizations and settings will be lost. You can export your feeds by navigating to the products screen.

Solo Plan

If you have installed a BigCommerce or Shopify app, uninstalling the app will delete your subscription and stop the billing.

All Other Plans

Navigate to "Delete this website" at the bottom of the screen, type "delete" in the box, and press "delete."