Website Description for FeedOps

The information you provide will be used to create a Brand Responsive Search Ad.

  • Website URL
    • This field will be pre-populated with the URL you supplied when you created your account. If it is incorrect you can change it but be aware that this URL is the same URL that is used in Google Merchant Center.
  • Website Name 
    • Your website name (or brand or business name) is the name people use when searching for your business. For example if your URL is, your website name and your brand name are the same, therefore you will type “Nike”. 
  • Advertising Headlines
    • You can add multiple advertising headlines. FeedOps will automatically add a Headline for your brand or website name. The others should consist of one or more value propositions and one or more calls to action.
  • Advertising Descriptions
    • You should write two or more advertising descriptions that outline the key benefits of your business to your customers and the reasons they should buy from you.