How to adjust channel settings

Connecting and disconnecting channels, optimizing feeds, and tagging URLs

Sure, let's adjust the emphasis:

To adjust settings for any connected channel, click 'Settings' at the top right of the product screen, or use the 'Website Settings' > 'Product Feeds' path on the left menu. Then, select the channel you wish to modify.

Channel Connections

  • Merchant Accounts: Connect or disconnect Merchant Center accounts.
  • Ads Accounts: Connect to Google or Microsoft Ads. For disconnection, please contact support.

For Meta: Enabling the feed is straightforward, but a direct connection to Business Manager is not supported.

For further details on connecting and enabling channels, please consult our guide.

Optimization Settings

In this section, you have the option to optimize this channel's feed independently or apply optimizations from another feed. A common practice is to use your Google Shopping Feed optimizations for your Microsoft Shopping Feed.

URL Tagging Settings

We support tagging for analytics on both Google and Microsoft platforms. You can apply tags for:

  • Free Product Listings on Google and Microsoft
  • Shopping Ads on Google and Microsoft

Note: Tagging for Meta is not currently supported.