Manage your store connection and configuration

Control how your store is integrated with FeedOps, including categories and attribute mappings

Note: Changes you make here apply to all channels.

Once your store is connected to FeedOps, you can perform the following tasks:

Reprocess the feed

Here, you will see the number of SKUs and when the feed was last downloaded. If you wish to download the feed again, click "Reprocess Feed". This action fetches all the products in your store, adds them to FeedOps, and includes them in all your active product feeds.

Note: Completing a full product download and updating your product feeds in your channels can take several hours. Fast updates are available as an add-on for optimized and scaled plans. For more information, contact us.

Edit connection details

Note: Once a website is connected, you cannot change e-commerce platforms. If you need to switch platforms and want to keep your optimizations, contact us assistance.

  • Click "Edit connection details" to test, check, and change your store credentials.
    • Click "Test Connection" for an immediate test. This process will also reprocess the feed.
 Configure attribute mapping

FeedOps automatically detects and maps fields when you first connect a store and during feed reprocessing. If some fields can't be automatically mapped, or you have a custom field to map, follow these steps:

  • Click "Add Mapping" to start mapping; a new row will appear.
  • In the FeedOps field column, select the field you wish to map to.
  • Choose the corresponding field from your website data in the source field to complete the mapping.
  • Click Save.

For more detailed instructions, please read "How to map your product attributes."

Select website categories

 Select the categories you wish to include in FeedOps. Simply check the categories you want to include and uncheck the ones you wish to exclude.

Caution: This action will exclude the entire category from all channels. If you want to only exclude a category from a specific channel, you can do so by navigating to the products screen.