nopCommerce v4.30 connection guide

How to connect a NopCommerce v4.30 to FeedOps via API

Before starting this process, you will need to create a FeedOps account.

  1. Install Nop.Plugin.Api plugin in your store. It can be downloaded from this link.
  2. Next you will need a Customer account to access the API. You can create new customer (by navigating in to admin dashboard -> Customers -> Customers and clicking Add new) or use an existing one. 
    Find the customer account by navigating in to admin dashboard -> Customers -> Customers, and click edit.

  3. Assign "Api Users" customer role and save.
  4. Install Postman app. (
  5. In postman create a new tab (file -> new tab). Enter request url as follows -> "YOUR_STORE_URL/api/token", replace YOUR_STORE_URL with your store url. Add 'username' and 'password' keys in params tab and enter values of your selected customer account.
  6. When you click "Send" it should show a response like below. Copy the access token value.
  7. Next you can test the access token generated. Create a new tab and enter request url as "YOUR_STORE_URL/api/products/count". Go to "Authorization" tab and select "Type" as "Bearer Token". Paste the copied "access_token" value to "Token" and click send. If the api is working you should be able to see the product count returned.
  8. Enter website URL and access token in to the connection screen in FeedOps.