Add additional information to product titles to better match how people search

Once research has been conducted in the Keyword Planner, select the right attributes in FeedOps when you edit product titles. The editing of titles for all categories of products can either be disabled (leaving the titles to appear in Google exactly as they appear on the Website) or enabled (allowing product types and attributes to be added as a prefix or a suffix to your existing product titles). More specific product categories inherit the settings of their parent, but can be overwritten at any specific category level with different prefixes and suffixes being set. If there is no parent setting, the editing of titles for the specific category can be enabled and prefixes and suffixes set. The best "bang for buck" is a top-down approach and as such, only consider modifying a specific category if required.

Note: If the attributes required aren't listed, please contact support, as we may be able to configure them for the website.