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How do I install conversion tracking and dynamic remarketing tags on my website?

Conversion tracking and dynamic remarketing are essential ingredients in operating an effective performance advertising campaign. This article explains how to install them for Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads and more.

In order to get accurate and effective advertising working you need to make sure that you are correctly recording important customer interactions on your website, such as product views, cart additions and (of course) purchases. Getting this wrong will mean that your campaigns will not perform at their best, and perhaps won't show at all.

FeedOps helps solve this problem by providing a standard solution for all your tagging needs. This solution uses a Google Tag Manager container, configuring it in a standard way that makes it easy for you to add in new tags as you expand your advertising into new channels.

If you are on any of the following supported platforms, you can install the FeedOps Google Tag Manager container using the following instructions:

For all other platforms, contact us for a quote on installing conversion and dynamic remarketing tags for your website by clicking the chat icon at the bottom of this page.